Wildlife Removal in Northeast PA and Central NY

Serving Northeast PA and Central NY

About Wildlife Removal and Prevention

At Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control, we use 100% humane methods to relieve you of your problem. But remember, capture and removal is only one part of the solution. After removal of the nuisance animals, the damage left behind can often provide an avenue for another infestation by the same species or even a different one. For example, squirrels open holes in the house which bats and birds later use as an entry.

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control provides the expertise to close your building and guard your property. We work with attics, basements, decks, sheds, chimneys, soffits, fascia, barns, and commercial buildings throughout Northeast PA and Central NY, including Elmira, Binghamton, Scranton and surrounding cities.

Tired of bird problems and their unsightly mess? We can design a system to stop roosting in, on, and around your building and property. Using an integrated approach we can design a system that can utilize your own staff to help stop the problem.

Have bats invaded your home or business? We handle all bat removal and exclusion jobs safely and humanely. Our wildlife removal experts can exclude and remove bats from any residential or commercial property, including attics, schoolhouses, offices, stores, churches and more. Our live bat exclusion process involves installing one-way bat doors so the bats can’t re-enter the building after flying away. Once we’ve removed all the bats from the building, we’ll inspect the property and install preventative measures to keep out any future bat infestations. This can involve installing a wire mesh barrier over the roof ridge, installing new vent ridge systems, sealing off access holes and crevices, installing airbags in problem areas and more. We also clean up bat guano and remove bat carcasses. Bat Removal - https://batsinattic.com